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Memory Book

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A memory book is a great way to store all of the memories you have throughout the school year! You can design a cover that shows off your personality, and fill the pages with words or pictures that represent you! Creating a first and last day of school page can show growth and how much you have changed during this year! So, what are you looking forward to? Think of your goals, and follow along so you can create your very own memory book!


Colored pencils

6 White pieces of paper

Construction paper or designer paper

Stapler with staples



Before you begin this activity make sure you have a clear space for your materials and don’t forget to ask a guardian for help or permission to use scissors.

Step 1 - First, we’re going to make the memory book by starting with the cover. Take your construction paper or designer paper and fold it in half hamburger style, where the short edges of the paper meet.

Then, crease the fold by pressing down and across that folded edge.

Step 2 - Next, we’re going to add in the pages. Take your white pieces of paper and fold them hamburger style, too! You can fold them one at a time or neatly stack them together and fold all at once.

Be sure to crease the folds on these papers too!

Step 3 - Then, place the folded pieces of paper inside each other, with the construction/designer paper on the outside.

Sometimes the designer paper can be hanging over, so if you want you can use scissors to cut off the extra part or leave it. It’s up to you!

Once that’s done, take your stapler and staple the folded edge - one time in the middle, and two on both ends.

Now when you open it up, you can turn the pages just like a book!

Step 4 - Next we’re going to work on designing the pages. First up is the cover. This is where you can let your personality shine! Draw pictures, or designs, and don’t forget to title the book. Here are some examples of titles : (Grade you will be starting) Grade Memory Book, 2021-2022 Memories, (Your Name)’s Memory Book. I titled mine “Angelina’s Memory Book”

Step 5 - Then, we’re going to fill the pages. The first page is all about you. So, write “All About Me” at the top of the page.

On the left side of the page, write “Name:, Age: Grade:, Teacher:, Name of School:, Friends:, and Hobbies:”. Make sure to leave a space between each category before adding the next one below it.

Once that’s done, draw an oval towards the bottom, center of the page. Write “Self” on the left side of the oval and “Portrait” on the right.

Step 6 - Then, we’re going to start on the next page. Here is where you can add all of your favorite things. At the top of the page write “My Favorites”.

Then, starting below the title, draw a vertical line, going from the top to bottom, in the middle of the page. To make sections, draw 2 horizontal lines, left to right, going through the vertical one. Now there are 6 sections to add in some categories.

Write Sport, Subject, Book, Movie, Song, Activity, or Food at the top of each section and then draw a picture that represents each of your favorite things!

Step 7 - Next, let’s set up a page to write about our goals for the school year. Write “Goals” at the top, and number the page 1, 2, and 3.

If you want to add more, that’s fine too. You could also draw stars, medals, trophies, or ribbons to represent achieving your goals.

Step 8 - After that, flip the page and write at the top, “When I Grow Up, I Want to be…"

You can leave the rest of the page blank to add in pictures or words later. Then, skip some pages until you get to the last page. This page will be dedicated to the end of the year.

Step 9 - Next, write “My Last Day” at the top of the page. We’re going to divide this page into sections. So, below the title draw a horizontal line. Under that line write “I will miss…”. Leave space after that subtitle and draw another horizontal line. Write “Goals for next year…” under that line.

Just like we did on the first page, we’re going to add in a place for a self portrait. Draw an oval towards the bottom of the page or leave room for a picture, and write “Self” on the left side and “Portrait” on the right.

Step 10 - Once this page is complete, all you have to do is add in your information in your book! Fill in the categories with your answers by writing words or drawing pictures. Add color to the pages, make designs, or doodle! Whatever makes you happy! Keep the memory book with you so you can fill the blank pages throughout the year. Add pictures, stickers, notes from friends, tape in ribbons, or use that space to write about a special memory. With this book, you can see how much you have grown from the first day to the last. Enjoy the school year and all the memories you will make!

~Made by Angelina D.

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