Origami Heart Bookmark

This fun origami activity creates a heart bookmark that you can use to mark your pages or to give as a gift!

DIY Storage Box

Transform a plastic fruit container into a cute, personalized storage box!

Feelings Journal

With this journaling activity, it can help with identifying different emotions and reflecting on those feelings!

Light Painting

Get ready for a fun and mess-free paint project that kids will love.. maybe as much as their parents!

Leaf Rubbing Art

Create an easy leaf art inspired by the colours of this beautiful season!

DIY Maracas

Create your very own maraca to play music with!

Scratch Art Butterflies

Get creative and make a unique and colorful butterfly by scratching lines and drawings onto paper covered with crayon and black paint.

Pintando Con Hilo

Busca una forma divertida y diferente de pintar? Utilice artículos sencillos para el hogar para crear una pintura de la que estará orgulloso